The Month of June

1st of June 1946 first T V licenses at £2 a year issued !!!!!

6th of June 1944 first D Day landings

9th of June George Stephenson born in 1781 and with his son started  the railway revolution with the very significant Rain hill trials in Liverpool .The first train left Liverpool from Edge Lane because people in this days were afraid of the trains going anything in excess of 15 MPH and the fear of the smoke and flames from the engine ,Liverpool lime street was built later . The first train ride by Queen Victoria in June 1842.

For all you lovers of Champagne in June 1682 Dom Perignon invented Champagne .William Lever of Port Sunlight was alleged to of said “I like champagne but it doesn’t like me !”.Opposite the Walker art gallery in Liverpool  you will see a 132 foot statue of the Duke of Wellington . this statue was to commemorate the battle of waterloo fought 18th of June 1815. The Duke it is said who had a fond eye for ladies looks in the direction of Lime Street Liverpool were in their day personalities such as Jumping Jenny , Iron clad kitty and Maggie May would ply their trade . John Lennon sang his version of Maggie May on the Beatles album


Have a great June

Posted by Sally McFerran
June 25, 2016

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